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What can InfoVaultz do?

With InfoVaultz you can share large files within teams only using a link. This way you can reduce email storage and no more email attachments.
No need to have VPN to access your files. All you need to have is an Internet connection and you can access all your documents in your online storage area from any device.

Consumer File Sharing & sync Services InfoVaultz
  Consumer File Sharing & sync Services   InfoVaultz
The employee handles account creation and termination directly with the file sharing service. Corporate IT has no visibility into who has an account and the type of information stored in the service. When an employee leaves the organization, IT has no ability to terminate access to the account.   IT creates/terminates accounts for all users in the organization. With admin control, IT has power to know who has an account and what information is stored in the file service. When an employee leaves an organization, IT can disable the account, or terminate the account, including remote wipe.
Consumer File Sharing & sync Services   InfoVaultz
Employee manages access privileges for all data stored in their account. Corporate IT has no control over who access, inside or outside of the company. When an employee leaves the organization, IT has no ability to recover the data. IT manages user access through integration with AD or LDAP (or manually). Access control policies are consistent with existing corporate infrastructure. IT has full control of access to data regardless of employees coming and going. It can prevent twitter.
Consumer File Sharing & sync Services   InfoVaultz
Users control access to file sharing services from a mobile device. If the device is lost or stolen, the user is responsible for wiping any information. IT controls user access to files from all devices. Remote management occurs at the device level. IT can restrict access from specific devices and remotely wipe all data if the device is lost or stolen or even if user leaves the company. This include desktops, laptops and mobile devices.
Consumer File Sharing & sync Services   InfoVaultz
Content stored in the cloud is accessible by employees of the file sharing service. Customer controlled encryption of data requires acquisition and management of a separate 3rd party application. Location of data is unknown. Terms of service and ownership is in favor of service provider. Data encryption in transit is integrated into the solution. Appliance is stored either locally or in trusted data centers. Full control and security is in the hands of the IT organization. Data policies can always be tracked and Infovaultz as a hardware and service provider has no access or knowledge of your data.
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On-Premises Sync Existing Network Shares
Runs inside your own infrastructure and on your premises, so you control your data 100%. Install on your server, any way you want it. Synchronize content across computers, smart phones and tablets. Roll out your own dropbox or like solution Seamless mobile and web access to existing network shares in your organization. Instantly make existing folder shares accessible from anywhere.
File Sharing for Enterprises File Versioning Data Privacy and Security
Allows users to access, share, sync company files and documents from anywhere and any device. Automatically versions files as they change and makes it easy to get back to a previous version. Complete control of your data and valuable intellectual property
Affordable Pricing Large File Support

Storage Types

Simple single pricing structure which includes all maintenance, support and updates. No specific file size limitation. Share large GB sized files with users inside and outside your organization. Supports Local storage (HDD, NAS/SAN), Amazon S3, Opens tack or any object based storage
Virus Protection Share Built-In Document Preview
Integrated antivirus functionality to protect your business files Full control of share, sync, and public link permissions. Enables users to view common file formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and .txt files, inside a web browser.
Rebranding Network Shares Remote Wipe
Customize language, logos, branding, domain name and email templates. You can share entire folders of projects, or share documents and files with your clients. Remote wipe for all agents including desktop agents
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InfoVaultz is the solution that allows you to provide your own private cloud storage. InfoVaultz Enables businesses to easily and securely access, share and sync their company data and files from any place any anytime and from any device all in the safety of one single integrated purpose built appliance. SECURE SYNC - Synchronizes all chosen data to the private cloud appliance and personal devices, automatically, instantly and continuously. SECURE SHARING - Secure and simple sharing for colleagues and external parties. SECURE SYNERGISE - Access files and folders from any device anywhere and work on same files with your colleagues.
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